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Dock Rite Accessories (Dock & Lift)


Dock Accessories

Swivel Chair & Table
24" Aqua Steps
Kayak, Canoe and Paddleboard Rack
Solar Dock Lights
Vinyl Bench
Dock Rite Ramps
The Corner Section
Adjustable Aluminum Steps
18" Wide Ladder
Quick Attach Hinge
Shore End Wheel Kit
Aluminum Tow Bar
Truss Starter Kit
Dock Rite 3' Aluminum Reinforced Premium Bumper
Corner and 8' Strip Bumper
Bolt on "L" Bracker
Truss Slip Bracker

Lift Accessories

Dock Rite Electric Power Winches
Solar Panel & Solar Panel Mount
Adjustable Motor Stop
Adjustable Pontoon Motor Stop
Stationary Wheel Kit
16' Wood Pontoon Rack
Double Pontoon Bunks
Mini Double Bunk System
Vinyl Covered Aluminum Full Length Bunks
Spring Loaded Guide Sticks
Spring Loaded (14' Vertical) Full Length Guide-ons
"T" Lift

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